The Company


Eurologos is a translation agency with offices throughout the world. The first office opened in Brussels in 1977. But faced with the needs of its customers, the company quickly became globalised.

The Group's management understood that in order to guarantee flawless quality at the best prices, it was imperative to translate and produce the communications material for its international customers directly on the spot: Spanish in Madrid, English in London, Chinese in Shanghai, Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil and standard Portuguese in Portugal…

This is what is known as glocalisation: a positioning that combines the flexibility of the global with the specificity of the local. All productions can be delocalised except for those linked to culture and communications.

It is this system that today allows the Eurologos Group to work with native speaker linguists who live in the country of the target language. This is the customer's guarantee of the best possible quality, allowing for results that are perfectly adapted to the audience. What is more, this also makes it possible to keep prices competitive: a language is always less expensive locally.