1977Eurologos Group founded in Brussels (Belgium) by Franco TROIANO.

1981Eurologos becomes a limited company whose aim is to be the leader in a sector with a hundred active companies.

1995 First website designed by Littera Graphis.

1996Creation of the first Eurologos translation agencies abroad which Littera Graphis guides professionally in terms of graphic and web design.

2001Over twelve international offices guided by Littera Graphis.

2003 Littera Graphis moves into a 740m² office, the new headquarters of Eurologos-Brussels, and nails down its business.

2013Permanent integration of dubbing and subtitling into the services offered by Littera Graphis.

2014General management passes over to Odile Troiano: full integration of digital and graphic/web design services into the Eurologos Group's global multilingual communication.