Customised Solutions

Don’t spend any more or less than your communication requires!

To be able to better meet the specific needs of its customers, Eurologos provides a number of different translation quality levels.

The level “translation quality” guarantees both the faithful semantic rendition of the source text in the target language and the syntactic and orthographical quality of the translated texts. As always, this level provides for revision by a second translator.

The “adaptation quality” level is the fruit of a closer and more active partnership between the customer and Eurologos. It implies that the translators receive a detailed briefing on the terminology, style etc. to be used. Once the translation has been delivered, the customer is able to provide feedback so that the Eurologos teams of translators and revisers are able to adapt the texts in line with the specific requirements of the customer.

The “editing quality” level is specified for A-Z communications production projects: from the graphic design concept through the copywriting and translation process - for example - right up to the print stage. The perfection and compliance of the texts is guaranteed in the layout work (multilingual DTP by graphic designers and final revision(s) by the linguists). Often, the finished products are available to the customer as a turnkey solution.

Each request is taken up by a dedicated Eurologos Project Manager who will perform an analysis on it to determine the specific needs of the customer and provide a customised solution.

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