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Littera Graphis: The graphic and web design studio of the Eurologos Group

When we created our prepress subsidiary Littera Graphis in 1989, we found a solution to our layout and DTP problems.

For the translation agencies of the Eurologos Group, there is nothing unusual about translating and printing in Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Russian or even simply Greek. That is what makes the Eurologos Group so strong.

The marriage of images and words: Littera Graphis, the graphic and web design agency of the Eurologos Group, was created to meet an increasing demand from our translation companies.

The complementarity of translation and web design services is only natural and has only got stronger with globalisation.

From 1994 onwards, the new web design agency produced its first websites – already linking multilingualism and multimedia.

Visit our online portfolio at and you will see a selection of our graphic and web design projects.