For the offices of the Eurologos Group, it is vital to provide their multilingual communication services which are carried out on the markets targeted by their customers.

That is why Eurologos is still continuing to develop its network of offices in the biggest economic centres in the world: where the languages are spoken!

Eurologos has acquired this expertise thanks to 40 years’ experience in language services. And it is to these activities that the Group applies the glocal principle: a perfect combination between the global and local dimension.

The excellence of services provided by Eurologos is guaranteed using a rigorous revision and validation process. Translators, revisers, terminologists and copywriters always work in their own language, for one of the Eurologos offices established in the destination country.

In order to produce and above all validate texts, translations and media supports, it is vital to have as many operational agencies on the international markets as there are languages promised to customers.

The reasons for this positioning defined as glocal (i.e. global and local at the same time) are clear: it is not possible to write, check, modify and correct texts and linguistic works without a global organisation, with all your local agencies set up under the same brand.

It naturally follows that commercial, cultural, anthropological and even legal checking can only be carried out using a glocalised process.