Technical Translations

Translation memory software

Translation memory software (HCAT Human Computer Assisted Translation) makes it possible to build up technolects. A technolect is the vocabulary specific to a technique or technical dialect, as opposed to terms with a standard meaning.


Two remarkable advantages

  • With each translation, the percentage of repetitions of specific vocabulary increases. The translation memory software performs increasingly better as a result. And the Eurologos agencies have translation memories by sector and by customer, running back as far as the early 80s – a unique and tangible advantage.
  • Translation memory software is the result of over 30 years of innovation. Say goodbye to any problems associated with specialist terminology. The technolect of each sector and each company is translated precisely.

Company technical glossaries and language engineering

Today, the production of multilingual documentation and the drafting of technical glossaries call on cutting edge technologies in the field of language engineering.

Within its subsidiaries and its international network, Eurologos has all the tools modern translation science has to offer.
Translation memories (also called Computer Assisted Translation software) allow the user to avoid translating the same sentence or term twice using a system for the identification of correspondence between two texts. They thereby guarantee the stylistic and terminological uniformity of translations and substantially improve quality and productivity.