Languages and Geostyles

Thanks to its network of glocalised offices, Eurologos is able to provide quality translations in all languages.

Indeed, the Eurologos Group is under continual expansion with a view to opening as many offices as there are languages promised to its customers!

Each office assures not only the linguistic validation for national and neighbouring markets but also their geostyle(s).

“Rare” languages

The rarity of a language is always relative. In the Western world, the languages we call "rare" are those which are written with non-Latin characters or which don't get used on a day-to-day basis. However, thanks to its glocalised network, the Eurologos Group has put the idea of language rarity into perspective.

For example, Chinese is considered as “rare” in the Western world. But as far as our Asian offices are concerned, the Dutch of our head office is even rarer!

That is why Eurologos always places the term “rare languages” in inverted commas.


Translations validated and glocalised in all languages:

French – Dutch – English – German – Spanish – Italian – Portuguese – Greek – Bulgarian – Czech – Polish - Bulgarian - Croatian – Hungarian – Polish – Romanian – Slovakian – Slovenian – Estonian – Lithuanian – Latvian – Russian – Ukrainian – Danish – Finnish – Swedish – Norwegian – Icelandic – Irish – Maltese – Macedonian – Albanian – Arabic – Hebrew – Hindi – Chinese – Japanese – Vietnamese – Thai… and many others!